Who’s the Three Month Old? I Yam, I Yam!

Popeye is 3 months old
Popeye is three months old

On Monday, Popeye hit the big three month old milestone, the unofficial end to the unofficial fourth trimester. He celebrated by drooling and by discovering his lower lip with his tongue. It was glorious.

That Poore Baby takes over

He then took the best seat on the couch and took over the remote

The little man’s internal body clock seemed to be right on time. It was as if a toggle switch was flipped to the on position and all of a sudden he was totally aware of his surroundings. One second he’s a little blob of baby-ness, next minute he’s an alert little mini-person.

Other new features of his latest firmware update:

  • Upgraded smiling feature: Now includes laughing with the occasional giggle.
  • Improved motor skills: Will now grab a toy and sometimes try to eat it.
  • Upgraded gyroscope: Able to rollover from front to back (back to front capabilities in a future update).
  • Retina display improved: Will now focus and track objects in a more fluid manner.
  • Dump sequence updated: Now runs less frequently.

Overall a pretty nice upgrade. Now there were some day one bugs – that is to be expected with such a massive update – but nothing catastrophic. It’s true that we now have to change him thrice daily due to over-droolage and that he’s now a little bit stubborn about taking naps and going to bed.

That Poore Baby is a drool monster

He is just sooooooo pleased with himself

Other than that, it’s a pretty cool time as he’s really starting to interact and respond to us. He smiles when he sees us, though to be fair, he pretty much smiles at everybody along with a few inanimate objects as well (I’m looking at you ceiling fan). I guess we wore him down enough and he has accepted the fact that he’s stuck with us. I’m still not sure how we’re going to entertain him when he is ready for actual stimulation though.

That Poore Baby deep in thought

Mister Ceiling Fan is the only one who truly gets me

Eh, that’s a problem for future-us to worry about. For now, let’s celebrate these three months with this video showing 2 seconds a day from birth to three month’s old.


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