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They say having a baby is the biggest event in your life so I wanted to document it every step of the way. As time passes, it will be nice to have these moments captured. It could also prove to be very fascinating for the actual subject (the baby) to be able to read this when he gets older.

Also, daddy blogs are all the rage these days.

My name is Dan Poore and I live in Austin, Texas with my wife, baby boy and our dog Pepper. I am a graphic and web designer who dabbles in videography, photography and writing. It’s truly a perfect storm of skills for someone who wants to create a blog and hopefully, I am writing something that is entertaining.

You’re probably thinking to yourself just what the world needs, another daddy blog about another baby. So what makes this one different? It’s original, witty, funny, informative yet somehow touching. I’d like to think so anyways…

The primary focus of the That Poore Baby Dad Blog is to document the journey of having a baby from a father’s point of view. While mothers get a lot of credit raising kids, and rightly so, the goal of this blog is to show that dads have a lot to offer as well. The approach of the blog is to use humor to tackle the entire process: the good, the bad and the ugly of raising children.

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