From the Beginning…

From the Beginning - That Poore Baby

Just what the world needs, another dad blog about another baby.

While that sentiment is totally on point, this is my blog about my baby so it’s all about perspective I suppose. Since this is a big moment, let’s give it the reverence that it requires and deserves.

Full disclosure: That baby in the photo above is not the baby in which this blog is based. Since this blog is taking place in real time, a DeLorean, a well-lit photo studio and a top notch knitter (seriously, that little bunny tail is ridic) would be required to pull that off.

From the Beginning…

One day in 2013 we decided that it was a lovely time to start a family. We had come a long way since moving to Austin a few years before and now had promising careers and a pretty sweet home. Once we made up our minds things started to move fast (not to be too graphic but it did not take that many tries) and on June 10th, the pregnancy test said positive (not literally but it would’ve been totally cool if the pregnancy test had spoken).

Pregnancy Test - That Poore Baby

Hi! These 2 blue stripes have totally changed your future! Guess you won’t need the rest of the multi-pack!

Not long after and right before Father’s Day (cue ominous music), we got confirmation via a blood test.

Pregnancy Blood Test - That Poore Baby

I am way more legit than that silly pee-on-a-stick deal

And just like that, there’s a baby on the way. Wait, that wasn’t prominent enough…

There’s a baby on the way!

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