Methinks This Baby Blog Needs a New Name…

Methinks This Baby Blog Needs a New Name...
Does That Poore Baby Still Work as the Name of this Baby Blog?

A few years back, roughly a life time ago, I leveled up and received the become-a-parent achievement badge. It’s now lost under the couch and surely covered in green snot, rancid applesauce and poop. All in all, though, I’d say it’s in pretty good condition since it’s almost two years old.

It’s hard to believe that soon after Christmas, the little dude will celebrate his second birthday. Our bundle of boogers has grown so fast. He says and does new things on a daily basis, surely astounding everyone he meets with his amazing intellect.

That Poore Baby's Amazing Intellect

A sampling of his amazing intellect: Beebee (baby), Ara-dee (there it is), Moe (no), Ak-ti (thank you)

The very first post of this blog was called ‘From the Beginning…‘ and it was published on June 15, 2013. Looking back at it now, it’s as if it was written by a different person.

In many aspects it was.

There’s no possible way to prepare for parenthood. You can read every book, watch every video and talk to every person you know – but you will still be woefully unprepared. It takes many, many months of hands-on experience to begin to feel like a competent parent. The kicker is that the second you reach the point where you feel like you kind of know what’s going on, everything changes and you’re back to the beginning.

Speaking of back to the beginning, it’s time to explain what I mean when I say this baby blog needs a new name. As with most things on this site, I think it’s best to let a photo explain it:

That Poore Baby is going to be a big brother

That Poore Baby, soon to feature double the babies!


  • Renee Hudson says:

    It’s always so refreshing to hear from dad’s that are very involved in their babies lives. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sandra Azar says:

    I’m a mom but I’m in love with your blog and my husband has learned alot from you 🙂 I dont know if you has decided to change your blog yet because I have just discover your blof recently but in my opinion your blog is flawless. Wish you and your family the best!

  • This is the first time reading your blog and as an expecting father I must say thank you and well done. I write a blog myself and as a suggestion maybe you should not change the name to much. I always believe in simplicity and maybe a small change to ‘THOSE POORE BABIES’ would best suite your needs, especially when thinking about all the SEO changes that you will have to make. Congrats on the new baby. All the best!

  • Casey F. says:

    Congrats on #2! I think our big ole used babies (ie about to be 2 year olds) are very close in age – Max’s bday is Jan 29, and we’re also having a second baby… est. arrival date Jan 5. Let the adventures continue..

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