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Want to advertise your message to the awesome and amazing readers of the That Poore Baby Dad Blog? It’s super fast, super easy and super affordable. If you have a family-related product that you would like reviewed (preferably with a giveaway), we can help you with that as well. Contact That Poore Baby using the form below so that we can get started.

A Note on Product Reviews

My reviews are much more than just ads or cut-and-pasting of product specs. I treat the review like a regular blog post and share my experience and personality with the product. Most people are savvy enough to know when a review is genuine and if it’s not a product that I truly believe in, I will not post it. I also prefer to offer a giveaway with the review to generate more excitement and traffic.

Here is an example of a product review and giveaway that has generated over 40,000 reviews (as of 2/28/15): Zipadee-Zip Review and Giveaway!

A Note on Banner Ads

I don’t do standard header, footer and sidebar ads as I believe that people don’t even see them anymore. I now do post-insertion ads that are inserted after the fourth paragraph of each post. I am extremely picky over what goes in them as I am basically endorsing the product. I prefer to offer a great deal on a product that is only good for a limited time. Each insertion ad has a call-to-action title, a 300×250 (or similar) ad, a text description of the offer and a call-to-action button.

Here is a screenshot of a post-insertion ad:

Example of a post-insertion ad from That Poore Baby

A fantastic benefit of this type of ad is that it looks great on every device. Over half of all internet traffic is mobile so this is an incredible feature.

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