Why Does The Mother ‘Hood Video from Similac Dis Dads?

Similac, makers of baby formula, created this video that shows that even though we all have different parenting styles, we are all on the same side. It shows mothers and fathers who all come together at the end to save a baby in a runaway stroller.

Strangely, after showing both moms and dads uniting, the clip ends with a graphic that says “Welcome to the Sisterhood of Motherhood” and the hashtag #SisterhoodUnite. Up until that point it is an entertaining video, but that graphic at the end kind of betrays the message of unity by omitting the “brotherhood” aspect.

My solution would be to change the final graphic to “Welcome to the Sisterhood (and Brotherhood) of Parenthood.”

Chris Routly, a dad blogger who runs the site Daddy Doctrines, examines where he thinks that Similac went wrong and why it matters. You can read that post here.

Here’s the official description of the video from Similac:
There’s something going down on the playground. Don’t they know that everyone has their own way of parenting? But when it comes down to it, we’re all on the same side. Help us put an end to the judgment by sharing this video with every parent you know. Join the conversation on facebook.com/Similac #SisterhoodUnite

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