Start Spreading the News

Growing up as a Yankee fan, any time I see the line ‘start spreading the news’ I think of the song New York, New York. This is because when the team plays at home in the Bronx, the stadium always plays the song when the game is over. They used to play the Frank Sinatra version when they won and the Liza Minnelli version when they lost, but now just play the Sinatra version either way.

This has always upset Liza, rightfully so, since she originally recorded it a few years before Frank did his version. The writers of Arrested Development used this to their advantage in the episode “Queen for a Day.” When Liza’s character Lucille Austero hears Tobias singing the song, she comments that “Everyone thinks they’re Frank Sinatra.”

What does this have to do with this blog? Absolutely nothing! I just wanted to establish that I like both the Yankees and Arrested Development. Also, it probably wouldn’t hurt to be humming the song as you watch the birth announcement video. In fact, I totally think you should (totally up to you which version you play in your head).

Start spreading the news
We’re pregnant today

On with the post!

It is recommended that you wait until at least the nine week ultrasound to tell anyone that you are expecting. We were so excited though, that we decided to tell soon-to-be Grandma Esther (in person) and soon-to-be Aunt Pickle (on the phone). Pepper helped us and, once we got soon-to-be Grandma to stop playing never-to-end Candy Crush on her phone, she was elated.

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