Firsts! First Time Going Out Without Baby – The Little Man is Staying Home Tonight!

Carrie Underwood at iHeartCountry - First Time Going Out Without Baby

There have been some big moments in the last year: finding out we were having a baby, having said baby and then hanging out with aforementioned said baby. If you’re keeping score, that’s a lot of baby.

So it should come as no surprise that we would want a little break from all things baby. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been an amazing, fantastic, awe-inspiring and life changing experience but, even a camel needs a drink every once in a while. It’s hot and arid out there in the baby desert.

Just to clarify, by camel I mean us, by drink I mean concert and by desert I mean home. Oh, and by hot and arid I mean lots and lots and lots of poop.

Side note: Huggies just informed me via email that we have probably gone through over 400 diapers by now so I think it’s time to figure out how those bright and colorful cloth diapers work. We keep telling ourselves that he’s just not quite big enough yet but the scale doesn’t lie (actually I think it lies A LOT). On a totally related note, I have a slight suspicion that you are about to hear a lot more about poop.

Back in January I was lucky enough to score tickets to the iHeartRadio Country Festival and since it was at the end of March, we figured things would be settled down enough and that it would be a perfect first date after Popeye popped into our lives (if you inadvertently read that as pooped then you are not alone). Luckily, Aunt Pickle was more than happy to take the baby reigns so it looked like everything would work out. We were going out without baby.

Since Heather is breast feeding, this was going to involve some Ocean’s Eleven-type planning. Due to my utter (you don’t even know how bad I wanted to write udder) lack of biological understanding, I was not aware how breast milk production actually works so please humor me while I explain. You see, the breasts produce milk based on how much the baby needs and any change will signal the breasts to keep up with that change. It’s a delicate balance that she is always fighting to maintain. What this means is that if she pumped both sides dry right before we left and the baby normally feeds every couple of hours, then she was going to have two very full boobies. Because of this, we decided it would be best to skip the beginning of the show so that we could hopefully make it to the end without a breach. It would be close but we figured we could make it up to 4 hours.

The concert was awesome – great parking spot, amazing seats and fantastic music. Now I have a lot of problems with Clear Channel as a company, for one thing they are responsible for every radio station in the country sounding exactly the same, but they went all out on this show. The stage was a marvel, the main part was round with a wall in the middle and while one side was being used, the other side was being set up. The time between acts was literally minutes – the performer would finish their set, leave the stage and an emcee would come out and introduce the next performer while the stage was slowly turning to reveal the other side. Their were 9 acts in all with sets ranging from 20-30 minutes and since they were mostly big names, it was pretty much a non-stop barrage of hits.

Here’s Luke Bryan and 12,000+ of his closest friends singing the chorus of “Drink a Beer”

And here’s Carrie Underwood and her legs singing about a Louisville Slugger:

To celebrate both our successful first night out without the baby and our baby’s successful first night in without us, we decided to get a little crazy at ABGB. Here’s a pic of Popeye looking hungover*:

*Please be advised that any public display of drunkenness by a minor is due to over consumption of breast milk.

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