Labels? We Don’t Need No Stinking Labels

The Labels on Baby Items are Ridiculous

Babies aren’t known as big readers, nor are they usually swayed by brand names, so why all the labels on baby stuff? There are labels for clothing, labels for toys, labels for towels and sometimes even labels for the labels. Now, I’m not a total idiot and I do realize that the labels are there for the parents, but come on, do they have to be as big as the actual items they are on? That seems a tad excessive.

Labels on Baby Stuff are Too Big

Seen here: a tad excessive

Not to mention that as the baby grows and gets more inquisitive, they could start to play with the labels, pull on them and possibly try to eat them. We actually got a mobile for the crib and all 4 of the items that hook to it had the same 4 inch long label. I’m looking at you Summer!

I’ve now spent a large part of my baby’s life trying to cut off the labels. This is a delicate surgical procedure as you want to cut as close as possible to the item to ensure that you leave as little of the label left without causing irreparable damage to said item (wow, that has got to be a run-on sentence).

Add to this the fact that I am left-handed. Now all you high and mighty righties will not understand this, but using scissors is kryptonite for us higher-evolved (read: lefties) humans. I believe right-handers create so many crappy things that need to be cut just to make us left-handers look bad. It’s surely a conspiracy by Big Righty.

At this point you’re probably shaking your head and wondering how I got a baby in the first place…

Babies on Sale at Target!

Easy, they were on sale at Target (thankfully it wasn’t a BOGO)

So what’s the solution to this global epidemic of epic proportions? Perhaps take a lesson from the t-shirt industry. It only took them 100 years, give or take, to figure out that directly printing on the item was both cheaper and more comfortable for the end user. Hopefully it won’t take quite as long for the baby industry to catch up.

What say you Carter’s, Aden + Anais, Ingenuity and others?

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