The Joys (and Germs) of Day Care

The Joys (and Germs) of Day Care
It's amazing how quickly one learns to blow one's nose when one gets sick

The little man has been going to day care two days a week for almost a month now. Although he doesn’t particularly enjoy the morning drop off (at least I assume he doesn’t based on him signing ‘all done’ the second we get there), he ends up having a great time. He gets to play outside for most of the day, has the opportunity to meet other kids his age and scores some sweet snacks. I am totes jealous.

His little world is growing in size and he’s experiencing so many new things. It’s not all Skittles and rainbows though, with all this new contact comes exposure to new germs. Cruel, awful and disgusting germs that have infiltrated our previously pristine and controlled environment (AKA our filthy house). Within a few weeks, the little dude has already reeled in a first-rate cold.

And has graciously shared it with me.

Somehow, everything awful that he comes in contact with is delivered directly to me at double the strength and triple the speed. It’s become a symbiotic relationship between his germs and my face. Note: That scientific term is most likely flawed in that context and mama will straighten me out later.

It hasn’t been all sore throats, green snot and lung-wrenching coughs though. The Skittles and rainbows that I mentioned earlier have been amazing. The little dude is slowly learning how to socialize with other lads and lasses. At this age, that means playing with similar things in roughly the same vicinity. But still, the progress is pretty awesome.

His days there are filled with adventure, music, dirt, fun and the aforementioned germs. We never know what to expect when we pick him up.

For instance, on this day he had his mind blown

For instance, on this day he had his mind blown

All in all, me having to deal with these germs is a small price to pay for the growth that he’s experiencing. Excuse me though while I hack up this lung…


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