Week 38 – This is Really Happening

Week 38 - This is Really Happening - Photo by Justyna Furmanczyk
Pregnancy Progress

Knock, knock?
Who’s there?
A fucking baby, that’s who!

A fucking baby

In school a 95% on a test meant you aced it and while it was not quite 100%, for all intents and purposes it was pretty much the same. It’s not quite that way with pregnancy progress though, 95% means the baby is still in the womb and all it’s needs are being taken care of while 100% means your entire existence has been flipped on it’s arse.

Shit is about to get real (in multiple ways).

Leading up to this point it’s been all about the pregnancy and soon, very soon, it’s going to be all about a helpless little infant that will probably share a passing resemblance to me. Hard to wrap one’s mind around it when there’s literally nothing else to compare it to.

Excited? Yes!

Prepared? You bet!

During most of this pregnancy the expected date always seemed so far away since there were the holidays to deal with and the actual date was in the next year. Now that the new year has come, however, time has been flying by and just like that, we are now in week 38. We have packed the baby bag, met with and selected a pediatrician and even installed the car seat base.

Nervous? Yes!

Ready? Most definitely.

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