Baby Shower in a Bar

Pregnancy Progress

While not knowing the gender of the baby can make it difficult to decorate and prepare, we haven’t had too many problems. We were never big on a sporty theme for a boy or a princess-y theme for a girl, we really like the idea of raising them in a relatively neutral environment and letting them discover what they like. If that means we get a boy who likes dolls or a girl that likes motorcycles then that’s cool. As long as they are the ones who make that decision.

So when it came time to plan the baby shower, you can be sure that we didn’t want it to be standard. This meant that there would be no games of:

  • What’s the Poop? – you melt different chocolate bars in diapers and people have to smell them and guess what they are.
  • My Water Broke! – tiny plastic babies are frozen in ice cubes and the first person to melt their cube wins.
  • Feed the Baby Milk – for co-ed showers, the men sit on their ladies’ laps and are fed milk from a bottle.

Instead we wanted a relaxed co-ed celebration so we ended up at The Brixton in East Austin. The food was catered by Rudy’s Bar B Q and the baked goods were from Lexi’s Treats.

It may not sound fancy, but having our baby shower in a bar might’ve been the classiest thing we could’ve done.

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