I Sure Hope MakeMeBabies.com is Wrong

The Results of MakeMeBabies.com is Bad News for That Poore Baby
Pregnancy Progress

We thought it would be fun to upload our photos into a few photo merging sites to see what our future baby might look like. A seemingly harmless endeavor guaranteed to get some free awwwww’s.

What could possibly go wrong?

So I found a few straight on pics and trimmed them up to make some head shots.

Head shots used for MakeMeBabies.com - That Poore Baby

I then uploaded them to Make Me Babies, checked the required boxes and waited patiently for their demonic server to conjure up the atrocities you see above. As you can gather from the quantity, I kept trying and trying in hopes that the program just needed some time to warm up, but the photos kept getting worse.

The one with only a necktie that resembles King Joffrey was the last straw.

I think sites like this would be a better use to the public if they were used as an abstinence tool in sex ed classes. Take a couple of kids who are dating, show them the results and say “this is what could happen if you two start making the love.” Underage sex rates would surely plummet.

We, on the other hand, are not underage or abstinent so I sure hope MakeMeBabies.com is wrong.

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