Meet Popeye Poore (Name is Subject to Change)

Meet That Poore Baby

The first night was basically no sleep but right now he’s literally sleeping like a baby. He constantly wants to eat so Heather hasn’t gotten any rest and the delivery was fast and furious so she’s beat physically and mentally. Other than that he’s pretty alert, makes some eye contact and poops like a horse (specifically, a horse that poops a lot).

P.S. If you don’t know what meconium is, I suggest you never, ever do a Google image search. Consider that my present to you.

No name yet, we have until Friday afternoon to decide. Right now he is going by Popeye (he likes to open one eye sometimes and the cap makes him look like a sailor). Popeye Poore is pretty damn catchy though, so it’s now in the top five.

Special thanks to Joy for being an amazing doula, nurse, friend and photographer. Somehow she was able to do all four at the same time and without her help, there’s no way things could have gone so well. Here are some of her photos from the big night:

Super Popeye Face

Here he is fresh from the oven and looking muy Popeye-esque

The Official Poore Baby Weigh In

Not to brag but I totally won the weight guessing game (officially 7lbs 4oz) – BTW, sweet cone head Popeye!

Popeye Meets Aunt Pickle (who dubbed him Popeye)

Popeye meets Aunt Pickle minutes after birth. I am 95% positive he would’ve said “I yam what I yam” if he could’ve.

Popeye meet Po Po, Po Po meet Popeye

Popeye meet Po Po, Po Po meet Popeye

Popeye Meet Pappy

What’s shaking Popeye?

Hi Mommy!

Hi Mommy, now about this food thing…

The last photo was taken a few minutes after birth. I believe Heather said “holy crap, did I just do this???”

Yes mommy you not only just did this, you totally rocked the shit out of it.


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