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Rejected Baby Names - That Poore Baby
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They say you learn a ton when you have a kid and I think lesson one is to never, ever, ever, ever tell people the baby names that you are thinking of using. In fact, if you think that there is nothing that a group of people can agree on, I challenge you to try this experiment: Take a random sampling of say 20 people, tell them your friend is having a baby and then tell them they are thinking of naming it (insert any name). All 20 of those people will show varying degrees of disapproval ranging from utter disgust to dry-heaving.

Now try the experiment with relatives…

Add to this a last name that means “lacking sufficient money to live at a standard considered comfortable or normal in a society” and you can see how this will be a difficult task. Since we are having a hard time coming up with names, we thought it might be easier to just start eliminating names and see what’s left (if anything).

Rejected baby names

  • Rich Poore – This one is pretty obvious based on the money/no money thing. Also, I once dated a girl with the last name Rich and people just thought that they were sooooooo clever when they figured it out.
  • Meyer Poore – Figure this one out yet? If you slow down the first name it starts to sound like “my, you’re poor.”
  • Nora Poore – I picture this in chant form, think of the way they say Derek Jeter at Yankee games and then change it to Nora Poora.
  • Ben Poore – “So, how long have you been poor?”
  • Chalupa Batman – Confused about this one? Check here.

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