Firsts! The Baby’s First Stuffed Animal

First Stuffed Animal - That Poore Baby
First toy
Pregnancy Progress

We visited Seattle in July with soon-to-be Grandma Esther and soon-to-be Aunt Pickle. We stayed in a rental downtown and were within walking distance of the harbor, Pike Place Market and public transportation. We were there for a week and it did not rain one drop. In case this is too hard to believe, I present to you a proof of the proof from the Woodland Park Zoo (does anyone know how they scored

Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle - That Poore Baby

For only $14.95 the four red PROOF watermarks magically disappear

See the blue sky? That was every single day! Here’s us at the Space Needle.

Seattle Space Needle - That Poore Baby

Alright that one makes no sense as it looks like we are on a boat and looking at the Space Needle. How about this one?

Visiting Sunny Seattle - That Poore Baby

Exhibit A: Sunglasses, Exhibit B: Squinting

Notice the Ferris Wheel in the background? We did too and decided to give it a whirl on a different, but equally sunny day.

Seattle Great Wheel - That Poore Baby

Hope the baby gets my nose

Back to the point of the post! During our visit to the Woodland Park Zoo, soon-to-be Aunt Pickle bought the baby’s first stuffed animal. We fell in love with river otters when we went to the San Diego Zoo and they had a few in Seattle, so Pickle was kind enough to purchase the critter for our future critter.

Thanks soon-to-be Aunt Pickle!

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