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Baby's First Outfit - That Poore Baby
First outfit
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Though we didn’t plan on buying clothes this early into the pregnancy, we’re only in week 14, we found ourselves in a Carter’s nonetheless. Now I’m not an emotional person but even I involuntarily say “awwwww” when I see tiny clothes and don’t even get me started on the itty, bitty socks.

We’ve decided not to find out the gender of the baby and surprisingly, at least to us, people are not very happy to learn this. Many are literally taken aback and just can’t comprehend such a thing. Are we already being judged on our parenting abilities based on this? I can’t wait to see what happens when we do something truly egregious like breast feed in public.

So we checked out the 2-3 gender-neutral outfits (yellow anyone???) and then carefully traversed our way (Indiana Jones style) to the back reaches of the store where the deals are hidden under dim lighting and strange color coding.

While the girls side was 92% princess and 108% pink (math is not my strong suit), the boys side was a little more toned down and offered a few gender-neutral options. After some rummaging around we found some simple bottoms which I guess are sweatpants, but I do not think it is possible to determine if something this small can be shorts or pants. We also found a sweet hoody which should come in handy with a February birth. It’s always hard to remember what cold is when it’s August in Austin.

Our grand total for the baby’s first outfit with tax was $8.64.

P.S. Thanks Vanessa for the super sweet tiger socks!


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