Pregnancy Announcement Movie Poster

Baby Announcement Movie Poster - That Poore Baby
Pregnancy Progress

There’s a lot of clever ways to announce your upcoming baby to the world. We even used the future big sister one with our dog when we told my mother in law. One hugely popular one is the shoes gag where you see the daddy shoes, mommy shoes and little baby shoes. Another big one is using a chalkboard and doing some simple math where man plus woman equals three. Doing an image search on pregnancy announcements will bring up tons of variations and countless other ideas.

For our announcement, I felt some pressure since I am a graphic designer. We’re not really a cutesy couple so we didn’t think we could pull off the shoes or the chalkboard ideas, plus they’re both getting a little over done. What we decided on was the pregnancy announcement movie poster.

This is also a pretty popular way to tell people so I had to do some research to find a fresh take on the idea. I wanted to avoid the obvious choices like Knocked Up, Juno or Little Miss Sunshine. After a while, I stopped searching for pregnancy announcements and just focused on actual movie posters. Finally, after lots of searching, the answer hit me at 88 miles per hour and from the year 1985…

Baby in the Future - That Poore Baby Pregnancy Announcement