Back to School (For The Very First Time)

Preparing for the First Day of School
Preparing for the First Day of School

I still get shivers down my spine when Back to School season kicks off. Even though my school career is long behind me (we won’t talk about how long it’s truly been), it’s still traumatic to feel summer break limp to it’s sad and anti-climatic end. Back in the day, even the excitement of a new backpack, Trapper Keeper and freshly sharpened number two pencils couldn’t soften the blow.

Do kids even use number two pencils any more? Does anyone?

Technically, it can’t be called back to school if you haven’t even been yet, but First Time to School season isn’t inclusive or catchy enough, so it is what it is. Also, the little man isn’t even going to school, it’s a two day a week daycare where learning may or may not transpire.

Therefore, this entire premise is a sham…

Now that that is cleared up let’s get to the facts. Summer is ending and the little man is beginning his first out of the house, away from us, learning type situation. It’s a pretty big step for an 18 month old and a huge step for his parents.

And a huger step for his parent's checkbook

And a huger (more huge?) step for his parent’s checkbook

The idea is to help him learn some social skills and to get some more outside time. The place we chose closely mirrors our (attempted) approach to parenting. They have tons of shaded, outdoor space and lots of sweet toys and activities. Yes, I am slightly jealous.

Ok, I am very jealous.

Your envy is harshing my mellow, dad

Your envy is harshing my mellow, dad

We’ve already taken him to visit a few times to get him acclimated. They are very open to us stopping by whenever we want, which is super awesome pants. He’s also been really receptive every time and seems to make himself at home.

He’s even gotten into the back to school spirit and helped clean his school supplies:

So as we prepare for his first day of school, it’s time to bid farewell to the lazy days of summer.

So long, sucker

So long, sucker

And while I’m sure that his first day of daycare will not be tear-free, I feel pretty confident that he will come to love it.

Not too much though, I still want him to love home more.


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