Going Out While Pregnant

UT Football Game - That Poore Baby
Pregnancy Progress

I have heard that one of the things that changes when you have kids is that going out takes a lot more planning than it used to. Even a quick trip to the grocery store can involve a pretty lengthy pre-flight checklist. Depending on the age of the child it can mean a well stocked diaper bag, a toy to play with, stroller/car seat logistics and some snacks. While I am already in the habit of packing snacks for myself, the other stuff sounds like it can make you rethink ever leaving the house again.

So what about going out while pregnant? We are around 25 weeks now and Heather has been really lucky as far as complications are concerned. She had no morning sickness and continues to have no problems getting around. We’re still at the point were we can do things pretty much at the spur of the moment.

We can also be out doing something, think of something else, and go and do that. Once the tater tot arrives though, those days will most likely be distant memories that will be remembered fondly during times of introspection and reflection (also known as bathroom time).

Where was I?

Oh yeah… I was lucky enough to score season tickets to the University of Texas football home games and we have been to each one so far. The Longhorns are having a roller coaster season but it’s always fun to soak up the atmosphere. Well until they start losing and the atmosphere becomes less soak-able.

So we went and had a great time.

It didn’t hurt that Texas clobbered Kansas 35-13.

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