IKEA Trip!

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If you are lucky enough to have one nearby, then you are probably well aware of how useful an IKEA trip can be when outfitting a nursery. As you can see from my personal IKEA catalog slideshow above, we had no problem spending the equivalent of many kronor on our trip.

The Expedit is probably the world’s most versatile piece of furniture and it’s perfect for a nursery since you can turn it on it’s side and keep it low to the ground. A few years down the road it can be turned the other way and used as a book shelf (if books still exist), or for spare robot parts (the future is a mystery).

The Trogen is perfect for a dresser and changing table. It’s a fun color that should work well for years to come.

The Skojig cloud light and Mula toys were more impulse buys. The light fits in well with our stars and moon theme and the wooden toys add a little old school class to the joint.

Overall, the IKEA trip was a rousing success and as they say in Sweden: Ingen ko på isen

According to the internet, this translates to: There’s no cow on the ice

And apparantly that translates to: Don’t worry

Sounds like a plan, thanks IKEA!

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