Happy 4th Anniversary!

Pregnancy Progress

Four and a half years ago we lived in a 600 square foot apartment with a puppy. The location was great, just south of downtown Austin and within walking distance of all the big events. Then the puppy turned into a 60 pound dog and things started to get tight…

But that’s another story.

It’s also not the story about packing up the car and taking a road trip to Florida to visit the family for Christmas with a dog that was so nervous, she wouldn’t poop until we got there 2 1/2 days later.

No, this is the story about leaving said dog in Florida while we flew down to Jamaica to get married. It’s the story chronicling the beginning of a family which has led us directly to this point. The point where we are literally weeks away from becoming parents.

Let’s time travel for a sec. Here’s a picture of us together in 2002:

Early photo of us - That Poore Baby

During the infamous comb shortage of ’02

And a picture of us in Ireland in 2005:

Ireland in 2005 - That Poore Baby

What’s craic-a-lackin? (that’s an Irish pun for ya)

And finally, in Jamaica the day before the wedding:

In Jamaica - That Poore Baby

There is no way that I’m going to make a joke using ‘mon’ – ahv sum respeck mon (dammit!)

So we went to Jamaica (Heather’s mom is from Kingston) and got married in the middle of nowhere. The place is called Strawberry Fields Together and it’s located in Robin’s Bay in St. Mary’s Parish.

It was a short ceremony with a nice reception right at the edge of the Caribbean Sea. Click here to see the wedding album.

It was a long trip from New Jersey to Texas to Florida to Jamaica but it’s been worth every mile and I can’t wait for the next chapter. Happy 4th anniversary!

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