Happy Poo Year!

Happy Poo Year from That Poore Baby
Pregnancy Progress

It may be the year of the horse in China but in this particular house in Austin, it will most definitely be the year of the poo.

Seeing that we’re taking the natural approach to childbirth by using a birthing center and midwife, it stands to reason that we are also planning to use cloth diapers and are hoping that breastfeeding will work. While there’s not much that I can do to prepare for breastfeeding, I am plenty capable of preparing for a shit ton of baby poop.

We are not totally insane as we have accepted the fact that we will need to also use some disposable diapers (for the first few weeks and while outside of the home). Because of this, we have stocked up on newborn diapers and based on my calculations, the 234 pack of diapers should last roughly 4.73 days. As I’ve stated before, math is not my strong suit but I feel pretty good about my number-crunching in this regard.

We decided to start with 12 cloth diapers and 24 inserts (you use 2 inserts at night). The price of cloth diapers is a tad ridiculous so after some asking around and searching online, we found a lady named Sun pei in China (see how I tied together the opening line?) who makes highly rated cloth diapers for 40% of the price. Her company is called Sun Baby Diapers and according to research that I could find, they operate using fair and legitimate business practices. From their website:

Sunbaby Diapers are manufactured in Shanghai, China. Our city has strict laws forbidding cheaper labor. People who use child labor will be put into jail or fined huge amount money. So buy confidently! Your Diapers are manufactured under fair labor conditions.

So fingers crossed djfio ihf rierer [uncrosses fingers] we’ll see how it goes. Happy poo year!

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