Firsts! Happy Mother’s Day Mama!

Happy Mothers Day from That Poore Baby

Once Popeye has a job and is out on his own (they’re good to go around 5 years old right?), he can accidentally forget about special occasions, like Mother’s Day, and then face the wrath of Mom. Until that time, I will help him remember the important dates and together we shall muddle through.

Aim low and hope for an updraft – that is a golden nugget of wisdom that I will share with him. I am so going to rock at this fatherly-advice-giving gig!

I wanted to try to set the bar high for his first Mother’s Day though, give him a little something to strive for once he’s in charge. So we arranged a meeting, had a brainstorm sesh and came up with a few Mom’s Day card ideas worthy of a Hallmark and Blue Mountain bidding war (though I am partial to JibJab).

First, I tried to write down his ideas verbatim:

Happy Mothers Day Card from Baby

Heartfelt, but not very catchy…

That did not pan out as well as I had anticipated, so I attempted to translate his complex alien baby language using an old Babel fish that I hang onto for needs not unlike this one.

This yielded the following:

Mothers Day Card from That Poore Baby

Factual, but not very poetic

Mothers Day Card from That Poore Baby

Also true, but kind of misdirected

Mothers Day Card from That Poore Baby

Very poetic and brings tears to my eyes, but mama is not a fan of jokes about the peeps and the poops

Still not quite what I had in mind, so we regrouped and refocused our efforts and finally had our winner:

Mothers Day card from That Poore Baby

In honor of this momentous occasion, I’m re-sharing the pregnancy montage we made that shows the transformation from woman to mother (and literally shows Popeye’s origin story):

And here’s a video showing the little man’s first few days:

Thanks mama for making our amazing little man. He’s awesome and you rule at motherhood!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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