On Losing Touch With an Old Friend

Sunset Comes on a Friendship

Dear Old Friend,

I fondly remember all those amazing nights we had. Getting all bundled up on those tranquil winter eves and just staring into the abyss of nothingness. I’d ponder the future and about how endless the possibilities were, while you serenely planned the evening. Finally, you’d tap me on the shoulder, gentle as a butterfly’s kiss, and it was time to go.

No words were uttered, yet we were effortlessly blanketed in thoughts. We were connected in repose, with no need to rely on the clumsiness of actual language. It was as though you could hypnotically read my thoughts, and you always knew what I needed long before I even knew myself. You were all consuming, and for that, I will always be eternally grateful.

Remember all those lazy Sunday afternoons spent watching the game? It didn’t matter who was playing or if there was a lull in the action. It didn’t even matter what sport it was. Nothing mattered, yet somehow, everything mattered. And there was so much poetry and beauty in that paradox.

Spending all of that time with you was truly a gift, each and every day was a dream come to life. At the time, it felt like we’d always be there for each other. It was implausible to think that there could ever come a time when we would drift apart. It was so unconscionable that our bond could be extinguished.

But alas, sunset has come on our friendship, and although we may cross paths again in the future, I fear that things will never be as they once were. I will remember you fondly and I hope that you will speak well of me to your new friends.

Oh, how I will miss you…

How I will miss my old friend Sleep.

Sincerely and Drowsily,
-A New Dad

My Old Friend Sleep

You didn’t think I was talking about a person did you?


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