Pregnancy Time Lapse Video

When we first started thinking about trying to get pregnant we came across some pregnancy time lapse videos on YouTube. Some of them are super awesome, some are super cheesy and a few are super cheesy-awesome. After watching every single one we could find I thought, how hard could it be?

We’ve chatted about theft in the past, or as I prefer to call it, paying homage to. Since that went so well I decided to give this video thingy a whirl. We figured the future nursery would be a perfect backdrop since the photos would show it magically transform from meager guest room to adventure-filled baby realm (aim high, settle low is a fine motto).

Once we had the location picked out it was time to roll. We opted for the seat-of-your-pants approach versus complex plot planning, set up the tripod and took some photos. From there on out it was a simple recipe:

  1. Take a photo.
  2. Wait a few days.
  3. Repeat until baby.

Luckily part of the charm of these videos is the jumpiness so I did not have to worry too much about it being exact. All told it ended up being 263 individual shots and while it’s not the best pregnancy time lapse video out there, it’s also not the cheesiest.

Therefore, I would say it was a rousing success!

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  • Peg says:

    A rousing success seriouly understates it. Your efforts are so great for those enjoying your happiness from across the country.

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