Baby Clothing Sizes are Ridiculously Random

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A few weeks ago I complained about some companies that make baby items with labels and tags that are sometimes larger than the items they are attached to. I called out a few of them on Twitter, and Aden + Anais was actually cool enough to play along after my virtual pal Nate LeClaire retweeted my post (he’s real, the friendship is virtual):

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to answer back:

That was pretty cool of Aden + Anais and, except for the size of their label, I really do love their products. Their muslin swaddle blankets are lightweight yet strong, stretchy yet firm and the perfect size. They even work great as the outer shell of my Double Swaddle Burrito Supreme (patent-pending). If you are curious, these are the exact blankets that we use:

Blatant Product Placement!

Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle Blanket 4 Pack

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Check it Out!

While I wait for Carter’s to join in on Twitter, I will direct my venom to baby clothes makers and their ridiculously random sizing. Oh wait, it just so happens that Carter’s makes basically all the baby clothes ever. It’s not just Carter’s though, it seems the entire industry has no understanding of babies and the rate in which they grow. Since photos tend to speak volumes over words, I will now share some exhibits to prove my point.

Baby Clothing Sizes are Ridiculous - Exhibit 2a

One of these is 3 months and the other is 6 months

Baby Clothing Sizes are Ridiculous - Exhibit 2b

Is this the outcome you were anticipating?

Obviously a mistake right? The items must have been marked incorrectly in the factory. Okay, fair enough. How about we check two other brands?

Baby Clothing Sizes are Ridiculous - Exhibit 3a

There’s just no way they got these wrong!

Baby Clothing Sizes are Ridiculous - Exhibit 3b

Where there’s no will, there’s always a way

“But these are different brands!” You scream at your magical web device of choice (this site should look great on every device!), “of course different brands are going to be sized differently!”

Fair point, so how about we compare two items made by Carter’s:

Baby Clothing Sizes are Ridiculous - Exhibit 1a

Carter’s design department is fantastic…

Baby Clothing Sizes are Ridiculous - Exhibit 1b

While their Q&A department is shit-tastic

When it comes down to it, ridiculous baby clothing sizes isn’t the worst thing there is. You basically just have to never read the labels and just sort the clothes by their actual size. That being said, there is one baby clothing crime that is so heinous and so unforgivable that it cannot go unmentioned.

I am referring to a certain brand (it rhymes with berber) who thinks that baby feet, no matter the age, have the same dimensions as fun size Snickers. Completely off topic but, shouldn’t the largest Snickers in production be called the fun size?

Baby Clothing Sizes are Ridiculous - Exhibit 4a

Surprisingly, these are actually both the same size…

Baby Clothing Sizes are Ridiculous - Exhibit 4b

Except for the feet

Baby Clothing Sizes are Ridiculous - Exhibit 4c

This isn’t a one time thing either. We have a few Gerber items with footies and I have to applaud them on thing that the other brands can’t match… they are consistent.


  • Brent says:

    I couldn’t agree more. It’s super tough trying to buy baby clothes for our soon to be son

  • Gerber in general is HORRIBLE for sizing. My son is small for his age (he’s in 2t and he’s 4) and stuff that was marked 24 months fit him when he was 9 months. And was the same size as other 9 month outfits. Makes ZERO sense!

    In your first picture with the 3 mo vs 6 mo comparision, the 6 month outfit looks much bigger to me. Sure, the 3 month looks a little big wider, but the 6 month is way longer. I don’t see a huge “wrong” there.

    I’ve found Carter’s to be the most true to size out there and the worst for me is baby clothes that you buy at an event. All the shirts sold at Disney or kid’s events or whatever apparently run two sizes smaller than the tag. I don’t know if this is to guarantee that the shirt you just paid $24.95 for only fits for two days if at all or what.

    • Dan Poore says:

      The first picture definitely is not the worst offender though I think we will get more wear from the 3 month onesie due to the width. I’m thinking he will outgrow both sooner than later.

      My favorite brand so far has been Circo. They are sized well and I appreciate how their footed outfits zip from the bottom so diaper changes are easier.

      I haven’t had the pleasure of buying clothes at an event, though it sounds like it will make for another clothing post in the future.

      Thanks for the reply!

  • James Bower says:

    Scissors, then socks! Take a pic, include it when you ship the extra material back to the company…

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