Newborn Photo Shoot Outtakes

Newborn Photo Shoot Outtake 3

Have you ever looked at someone’s professional newborn photos and wondered what all the other photos looked like? You know, the ones when the baby is crying or peeing all over the lovely props. Back when stupid cameras used stupid film the photographer was very frugal with the stupid shutter release button. But now? Now it’s not out of the question for the photographer to take over a thousand photos at a shoot. Digital memory is so cheap you are practically losing money by not buying it.

It just so happened that Heather’s cousin was due to visit about a week after Popeye popped out (pop, pop!). She is a professional photographer in Jamaica and shot our wedding photos. Side note: she also found the location and decorated everything so that was both amazing and awesome.

While she was here, she offered to take some newborn photos and we jumped at the opportunity. So on his 12th day of life, little Popeye’s image was forever captured in billions of 1’s and 0’s. That’s my lame attempt to poetically say that the little man was in a lot of photos that day. Surprisingly, he was not very happy about most of it and he pulled out all of the weapons in a newborn’s arsenal: he cried, he pooped (all over me), he peed (all over the bed) and he tried very hard to not be photogenic. He also (purposely I think) happened to have a bad case of baby acne that day.

Amazingly, her skill trumped his attempts because we ended up with a bunch of great photos. This post is not about that though, it’s about the other photos. This post is about newborn photo shoot outtakes. Since this is the internet and it’s 2014, I present them to you in animated GIF form.

Newborn Photo Shoot Outtake 1

Is this not how you say cheese?

Newborn Photo Shoot Outtake 8

How’s that auto focus working for you now?

Newborn Photo Shoot Outtake 2

Yep, i definitely just shat the bed

Newborn Photo Shoot Outtake 7

I know I’m 12 days old but my attention span is that of a 9 1/2 day old

Newborn Photo Shoot Outtake 4

Cuz this is thriller, thriller night…

Newborn Photo Shoot Outtake 5

…and no one’s gonna save you from the beast about to strike

Newborn Photo Shoot Outtake 6

I hope you like the pukey-breath moms

If you are interested in seeing the real photos from the shoot, then check them out on the That Poore Baby Facebook Page.

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