This is the 50th Post from That Poore Baby

That Poore Baby is 50 Posts Strong

When I initially started That Poore Baby, it was going to be a little journal to document the journey of having a baby. I decided to use Tumblr since I had always heard how great it is and I liked the idea of doing a mix of short posts, photos, links and videos. I actually still maintain the site and add excerpts from the posts that I write here.

As Popeye’s delivery date grew closer, I started to question whether Tumblr was the right place for the site. I especially did not like the idea that I had no control over my content. If they closed up shop or banned me from talking about poop too much, then I’d lose everything. I was also thinking that I would want to start writing longer posts once the baby arrived.

Since I already had tons of experience with WordPress, I decided to restart the site as a full-fledged dad blog. I rewrote and fleshed out all the old Tumblr posts (and back dated them for continuity’s sake) and started to interject some more personality into my writing (for better or worse). With the due date approaching fast, I got the site up in early February and have been churning out drivel ever since.

Not to toot my own horn…

50 Posts at That Poore Baby - Toot Toot!

Toot, toot!

But I am proud of the fact that I have been able to continually come up with things to talk about. Over the first 49 posts, I have written over 20,000 words and only about 10% of those reference poop. With many apologies to mama, who is ridiculously tired of poop jokes (I know, I don’t get it either), baby poop just happens to be relevant. At this point in a baby’s existence, they don’t really do a whole lot that’s not related to a bodily function. Therefore, it can be challenging to write 300+ words twice a week without revisiting the same topics.

Baby Fashion at That Poore Baby

“Maybe you should write more about baby fashion” -said no one ever

So as Popeye reaches his 3rd month, the blog about him reaches it’s 50th post, and so much has happened since post number 1. Fittingly, the most popular post so far has been the one that introduced you to the star of the show. The next most popular post was the one about the actual delivery.

On the flip side of that is the least read post. This little stinker (the post, not the baby) seemed like a good idea to me, but apparently few people shared my enthusiasm. I will admit that it was partly designed as click bait, I shared other people tweets regarding fatherhood and figured they’d be curious enough to check it out and then share it with their friends. But alas, it did not pan out because that is not how the internet works.

And trying to figuring out how the internet works is like trying to get a kiss from a baby, you just end up dejected and covered in drool.

Awkward Baby Kiss from That Poore Baby

Plus it’s just awkward for everyone

So, here’s to 50 posts and here’s to hoping for 50 more. Thanks so much for reading and for following along to our adventure. It’s been a whirlwind and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

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