The Little Man Gets a Tan

The Little Man Gets a Tan
Aren't you jealous of these super realistic Photoshop skills?

We just returned from our first vacation together as a family. We went to Florida to relax, see family and to hang out at the beach. While it wasn’t the little dude’s first time on a plane, he and mama went to Jamaica in January, it was my first time witnessing his skills as a passenger. A wee passenger without a seat.

Once our Florida vacation began, the little man wasted no time getting his adventure on. After months of practice with his Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball set, he was ready to show off his dunking skills on a regulation goal:

The little dude taking it to the house. #LeBron junior

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He also had to break in and legitimize his sweet shark shoes. They were made by Vans, you see, and they are shoes that are specifically designed for skating. Obviously, the little dude cannot wear these kicks in good conscience unless he is at one with a skateboard:

Putting those #vans to good use.

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Being a native Floridian, I’ve always been torn between embracing the crass commercialism of the tourist trade (I’m looking at you Wizarding World of Harry Potter) and the uphill battle of preserving the natural beauty of this unique state (I’m looking at you swamp land and tons of things that bite). While it seems obvious that the creamy goodness of Butterbeer will always trump mosquitoes (the state bird), there are plenty of amazing things to see in the unique ecosystem that is Florida.

Hence, I thought it was important that the little man became one with nature…

Kissing Dolphins and Riding Turtles

By kissing a dolphin and riding a sea turtle

Once that bit of business was completed, it was time to partake in some of the decadent commercialism that is the lifeblood of the sunshine state. Since the little dude is far too young for the festivities in and around Orlando, we opted for some activities that were based on the naturalness of Florida – yet lightly tinged with the smirk of tourism.

First, we visited the Brevard Zoo:

Then we fueled up on vegetables and fruits (aka french fries and ketchup):

Adding ketchup to fries totally makes them healthy, right? #longdoggers

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And finally, we enjoyed the sand, water and sunshine in Cocoa Beach:

That Poore Family on Vacation in Cocoa Beach

That Poore Family

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